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Welcome to the "About us" page of the club of online players of casual games! We warmly welcome you to our friendly and fun gaming abode. Here you will find information about who we are, our values and goals.

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Our mission:

We aim to create an inclusive community where casual gamers can connect, share experiences and inspiration, and have fun in the virtual world. We believe that games can not only entertain, but also unite people, enrich their lives with positive emotions and new friendships.

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Our values:


We believe that the strength of our club lies in our members. We value the friendliness, respect and support that our players show each other. Together we create an atmosphere in which everyone feels comfortable.

We create and maintain a positive and friendly atmosphere. There is no place for negativity, insults or arguments. We strive to make your time with us enjoyable and joyful.


Positive atmosphere:

Thank you for your interest in our club! We hope that you will find new friends, exciting games and unforgettable moments of joy here.

Our team:

Our club is supported by casual game enthusiasts who are always ready to organize tournaments, provide training assistance for newcomers, moderate the forum and chat, and provide you with interesting content and events.

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